NFL Colts vs. Broncos final score,

Indianapolis Colts Have Worst Win of 2022

Season to date, what not to do with the Denver offense beating the Broncos 12-9.

The Broncos suffered this loss due to innumerable mistakes. Whether it's passing the ball to third down 9-6 in the red zone

And being intercepted, for it to go to fourth place, while retreating in overtime after the offense was anemic throughout the game.

Common bone-head mistakes, it's as hard to spot the colts who won the game as the Broncos lost it.

Both quarterbacks combined with four interceptions and no touchdown,

NFL Colts Russell Wilson is going 21 of 39 for 274 yards and Matt Ryan going 26 of 41 for 251 yards.vs. Broncos final score,

The game featured seven field goals, one blocked field goal, 12 punts, and a combined 0 for 6 on touchdowns.