Colts. vs Broncos NFL Scores Live.

It wasn't pretty, but the Colts started Week 5 12-9. done with

Win from behind in overtime over the Broncos on Thursday Night Football. 9-6 behind, just over two minutes left,

Indy CB Stephen Gilmore picked Russell Wilson in the final field, and then Matt Ryan led the Colts 67 yards

For a game-tying field goal in the last second of regulation.

The Colts took a 12–9 OT lead on Chase McLaughlin's fourth field goal of the game.

Denver marched inside the Indy 10-yard line, but failed to convert on the fourth down instead of kicking a field goal and advancing the game.

The Broncos' 14.6 offensive points per game rank 31st in the NFL

And the Russell Wilson-led are the worst team in any five matches.

The only offense to get fewer points per game this season? Colts at 13.8.